Co”meme”dy – We Love to Laugh

What do you want your parents to know about you that they might not already know?  What is something you really care about but never shared with anyone?  How could we share these messages with our audience?  These were the questions that propelled students at Hubbard Woods School to create their annual Spring Sing performance, Co”meme”dy – We Love to Laugh.

THE PROJECT:  Multi-arts performance.

Using a Chalk Talk thinking routine we answered these questions, then noticed similarities in our responses.  “I want my parents to know that it’s OK to have fun,”  “We love to laugh,” etc.  We noticed that these were common themes among our 1st-4th graders.  The words “comedy” and “memes” came up a lot in our thinking, so one of our 4th graders offered “Co-Meme-dy.”  Students then began to create their own puns and jokes in their arts classes.  Each grade narrowed their comedies into categories:

1st Grade:  Art/Color, Weather, Food, Storybook characters

2nd Grade: Friends, 80s, Party, Magic

3rd Grade: Animals, Family, Camping/Outdoors, Superheroes

4th Grade: Olympics/Sports, Star Wars/Movies, Beach/Summer, Music


From here they used multiple media to visually create their memes, researched songs to sing and recruited students to participate in a comedy troupe to write a script, host and connect the show as well as started a DJ troupe to play transition music on our new DJ table.  The first grade homeroom classes took their thoughts about comedy with storybook characters and, using the book Scranimals by Jack Prelutsky, created a Scranimal Symphony on xylophones to accompany a slide show of their mixed-up animal characters.

Program & Playlist here

Memes, Scranimals & Show Projection here




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