Creating a Music Studio Mindset

How do we make up our own music (improvise)?  Using the book “The Jazz Fly” as inspiration, Kindergarteners worked in small groups to create an improvisation with a beginning, middle and end.

THE PROJECT: Musical improvisation with a given title to shed light on what we hear inside the music.

In the play-based, Reggio-inspired environments of the Kindergarten classrooms at Hubbard Woods School, students are encouraged to spend time in the “music studio.”  This introductory-level experience helps kids understand a studio mindset by starting with exploration.  The music studio also informs adults about where these new students are coming from, what each individual brings to the studio table and how we can help access their incredible wisdom.  We have 2 simple rules in the Kindergarten Music Studio:

Make music, not noise.

Put everything back where it belongs.

Each music studio session has a different question that helps us understand how to make music and not noise.  “How can your music include silences?”  “How will you end your piece?”  “Will you all play at the same time, take turns or a combination?”  “Will your work be original, or are you performing something that someone else wrote?”  Check out these recordings where kids were asked to have a beginning, middle and end, then were asked to name their work after listening to their recordings:  Sound Cloud


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