Composing a School Anthem

How do we share what makes our school unique and special to us?  What do we want to say about our school?  What is important to us here at school?

THE PROJECT:  Original music composition.

4th Graders from Hubbard Woods School in Winnetka wanted to compose a song about their school. The current school song was (and is) a local favorite, having been part of the neighborhood culture for decades.  But how to compose a song with input from 60 fourth graders?  Using a process called “song-bombing,” fashioned after “photo-bombing,” they handed ideas off from one class to the other in order to mull and cull, expand and clump, edit and refine. Each student had to sign their name next to their edits of/additions to other students’ ideas.

They song-bombed:Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 10.58.03 AM.png

They wanted a song to contrast and compliment the current song, which is in the style of a college fight song, with something more like an anthem:

We Are Hubbard Woods -.jpg

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