Give a Little Bit – A Guide to the Good Life

mandala backdrop

Kindergarten-2nd graders ask about how you know you are doing the right thing?  What does a good life look like? What makes people happy? What is a kind compliment?

THE PROJECT:  Multi-arts performance.

At Lyon School in Glenview, IL students ask their audience for the annual winter show to ‘Give A Little Bit’!  Empathy was the driving force this year.  After a first round of questions revolving around “choosing kind” the Fine Arts Team stepped in to dig a little deeper into some of their responses.

After sifting through student responses they found that their answers fell into 4 categories: Give Help, Give Hugs/Love, Give Laughter and Give Cheer/Encouragement.  In addition was found a fantastic winter show theme in one of the student quotes – “Give a little bit: A Guide to the Good Life.”

In visual art, all of the grade levels investigated Mandalas as an art form to help communicate the message. With the help of some inspiration from Keith Haring, 2nd graders planned 4 symbols for the Mandala gateways to communicate their 4 show messages. First grade broke those symbols down into suggestions like helping someone up after they fall down. Kindergarten focused the center of their mandalas to give compliments.  Their work was installed hanging from the hallway ceilings as well as behind the stage. Their song choices, dramas and dances for the show all communicated one of the 4 central messages.  After the show the audience was invited to respond to a question on the chalkboard outside the performance space: How will you give a little bit?

planning mandala backdrop 1   planning mandala backdrop   1st grade mandala   Give Hugs symbol   response board  mandala closeup 1  mandala backdrop

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