Honey Maid Ad Campaign Inspires Students To Choose Kind

Choose Kind

Four hundred fifty K-2nd graders ask what it means to choose kind? Why should you choose kind? How can you be kind to someone else?

THE PROJECT:  Cardboard Tube Temporary Installation

Kindergarten, first and second grade students at Lyon School in Glenview, IL were asked to consider these questions as the school year began.  They brainstormed together and wrote their individual answers on cardboard tubes.  The tubes were connected to spell the phrase “Choose Kind” as part of an ongoing interactive art installation in their hallway. The Honey Maid company commissioned artists to use the onslaught of negative emails regarding their “This is wholesome” ad campaign and turn it around to create something with a powerful positive message. The ‘Choose Kind’ wall at Lyon School was formed much like the ‘Love’ installations created by Honey Maid’s artists.  Lyon School teachers are on the watch for students who are choosing kind. Those students are given a colorful strip of paper that reads “I chose kind” to fill a tube in the wall.  The students are working hard to fill every tube with multiple colors before they year’s end.  Their message is powerful.

Choose Kind 4   Choose Kind 3  Choose Kind 2

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